Hi there. I’m Mandy by the way, and I’m the real person behind Sixth & Berry, a creative design hub that brings a little joy and quirkness to this crazy world we live in.

What I love doing is designing and drawing things for people who crave more humor and a little weirdness in their lives. I'm also a storyteller and a cat enthusiast.

I aspire to play the drums again one day.

Owning a huge amount of unread books is my biggest vice, and there is an extensive collection of self-help books on my shelf about which I have NO SHAME.

What are we doing here?

Of course I believe everything I wrote in the manifesto you see here, but it's not always easy for me to live up to every part of it.

Life is hard. I'm just going to say it. Let's not pretend that any of us are just sailing through this thing. We're doing the best we can.

A few years ago, I got a scary medical diagnosis that may lead to a fatal outcome. (An earlier fatal outcome than I had been counting on, anyway!) It was a rough time. (I'm doing better now, but I still don't know what my prognosis is. And I still get scared sometimes.)

At some point while I was recovering from multiple surgeries, my panic about my future and regret about my past solidified into one message, blinking in my mind over and over like a neon sign. It told me, "You've filled your life with pointless worry."

Yikes. I realized I needed to make some changes, no matter how much time I had left to do it. 

But what does this have to do with cats and jellyfish, tho?

The most important things are usually the hardest things to do.

It's hard to be courageous. It takes some ovaries to admit to someone important that you feel inadequate. 

It's hard to be compassionate, especially when it comes to self-compassion. It means being open, understanding, and to drop the judgment.

It's hard to express yourself. Well, it's hard for most people. There's a lot of editing most of us do to please others, but usually this means erasing ourselves.

It's hard to connect.  

The most important things are usually the hardest things. 

I want to help make some of those a little easier.

My mission with Sixth & Berry is to encourage what I call The Four C's.  (The "S" and "E" in Self-Expression sound like "cee" when you say it out loud. C what I mean? Ok, fine, I never said I wasn't ridiculous.) 

The Four Cs are:





I want to help people develop these four things in their lives. It would be great if we can all avoid having a glaring neon sign hung at the foot of our beds at some point in the future. (Trust me, you don't want one of these.) 

Accepting yourself, in all your weirdness and awkwardness and laziness and sadness and beauty, is what will help these Four Cs grow.

What I design and offer here is meant as an encouragement to you, a reminder to keep these Four Cs going, and even some tools you can use to practice each of them. 

Which one of these Cs do you struggle with the most? Email me at mandy@sixthandberry.com and tell me! I'd love to hear from you.

Nice things customers have said

"She is quite the artist and has a great eye for detail."

"Everyone commented on the originality and clever design."

"Mandy's creative flair and attention to the finest points are unmatched, and her workmanship went well above what we had imagined."

"The outpouring of unsolicited positive feedback from friends and family is our testimonial to Mandy's work."

Books I'm Reading Now

- The Passage

- Resilient

- The Plot Whisperer

- Antagonists, Advocates & Allies

Let's Connect!

I'd love to share stuff with you. I'll give you the inside scoop into my studio and life, new things to look forward to from Sixth & Berry, and you can be the first to hear of special offers, fun gifts and giveaways, and general awesomeness. 

Woah... so, there's that.

As hard as that time was, the 

Not all of that crying was of the sad variety, though. I felt a bit of relief, to be honest.  I started to let go of things I hadn't realized were holding me back and taking me nowhere. Things like worrying (...like, a lot) about what people think of me, and spending time and effort hiding parts of myself away from the world.