Coping with Covid-19: Resources and Links for You

(Please note that I can make no claims as to the accuracy of any information on the following web pages. These links are provided here simply for your convenience. Please always critically evaluate what you read online.) 

Shine App Mental Health resource - Resources for anxiety and your mental health in a global climate of uncertainty

Marie Forleo's Coronavirus Support - Marie Forleo has complied an excellent resource and suggestion list for things you can do and ways to cope

What and Whys of Social Distancing  - Tara Mohr wrote a blog post and has further links to educate and encourage this important step we all need to be taking

Homeschooling Resources - The Today Show lists lots of helpful links, resources and ideas for parents suddenly faced with homeschooling their children. 

Support, Feed and Protect: How You Can Help - This CNN article lists organizations you can donate to, to help the various groups of people that are being financially and physically impacted the most by the pandemic. 

LA Mayor's Fund for Covid-19 - I live in Los Angeles, and our mayor has set up this fund to help those who are in need locally. We have a significant number of people without homes here, and they are particularly vulnerable to illness. Donate to this fund, or look to see if there are similar resources being established in your local area.